Exhibition UMBAU. Nonstop Transformation // Oct 9 - Nov 6, 2024 - Goethe-Institut New York // Oct 18 - 26, 2024 - Architekturgalerie Berlin

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  • Conversion
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Exhibition / Congress
  • Health Care / Laboratory
  • Housing and Hotels
  • Industry
  • Malls and Passages
  • Mixed Use
  • Office / Interiors
  • Sports
  • State and Community
  • Transportation
  • Urban Design
  • China
  • Germany
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • South America
Title Year Location
Brighton College in Ho Chi Minh City Competition Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Chengdu Future City Competition Chengdu, China
vip Creative Center Competition Guangzhou, Germany
Valencia del Mar Competition Valencia, Spain
Viettel Group Headquarters Competition Da Nang, Vietnam
Lingang Avenue Station City Competition Shanghai, China
Xiamen International Bank Headquarters Competition Xiamen, China
University Hospital Würzburg – New Head Clinics and Women’s and Children’s Center Competition Würzburg, Germany
Plaster casting facility of the State Museums, Berlin Competition Berlin, Germany
Sinopec Free Trade Building Competition Haikou, China
Jiangdong Green Gateway Competition China
Grasbrook neighborhood Competition Hamburg, Germany
Luso International Bank Competition Guangzhou, China
Beijing Children's Hospital Competition Beijing, China
Hubei Urban Renewal Competition Shenzhen, China
BS 19 Vocational College for Media and Technology Competition Hamburg, Germany
Psychotrauma Center Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin Competition Berlin, Germany
Huaxia Bank Headquarters Competition Beijing, China
Columbus Cruise Terminal Competition Bremerhaven, Germany
Oberbillwerder neighborhood Competition Hamburg, Germany
China Huaneng Headquarters Competition China
Hamburg-Nord District Office on Wiesendamm Design Hamburg, Germany
Waidmannstraße 26 Design Hamburg, Germany
Kongresshalle Nuremberg Design Nuremberg, Germany
U4 Subway Line Extension Design Hamburg, Germany
Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts Design Shanghai, China
Multimedia “news building” for the SWR Design Mainz, Germany
CSCEC Science and Innovation Building Design Guangzhou, China
Alliance 3 Schools Bremerhaven Design Bremerhaven, Germany
Extension of Vicenza Trade Fair Design Vicenza, Italy
SLH Campus Design Shanghai, China
Longgang Sports Center Design Longgang, China
Museum für Naturkunde Design Berlin, Germany
Xiaomi Corporation Headquarters Design Wuhan, China
Nanjing Financial City III Design Nanjing, China
Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge over the Lübeck Town Moat Design Lübeck, Germany
Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt/Neuburg Design Ingolstadt, Germany
Xiaomi Headquarters Design Beijing, China
Wuxi Olympic Sports Center Design Wuxi, China
Qi-Anxin Pazhou Headquarters Design Guangzhou, China
Health campus, Ortenau Clinic (Lahr, Black Forest) Design Lahr, Black Forest, Germany
Congress Hotel for HafenCity's Elbbrücken Quarter Design Hamburg, Germany
Bogenviertel Bietigheim-Bissingen Design Bietigheim-Bissingen
Kunpeng New Town Design Zhengzhou, China
Glashütte School Campus Design Norderstedt, Germany
Xinao and Xinfengming Headquarters Design Tongxiang, China
Berliner Tor Design Hamburg, Germany
Kaisen Campus Design Bremen, Germany
Xinxi-Center, Fuzhou Design Fuzhou, China
Urban Living Room Project in Huairou Science City Design Beijing, China
Ningbo Beilun Culture Center Design Ningbo, China
Zhangjiang Science City Design Shanghai, China
Pedestrian and cycle bridge Entenwerder Design Hamburg, Germany
Concert Hall at Kiel Castle Design Kiel, Germany
Berlin State Library Design Berlin, Germany
Guangzhou Nansha International Venture Capital Center Design Nansha, China
Hôpital d'Yverdon-les-Bains Design Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
Georgsheil Medical Center Design Georgsheil, Germany
Hengli International Building Design Shenzhen, China
Elbbrücken City Approach Design Hamburg, Germany
Norderelb Bridge Design Hamburg, Germany
China Telling Communication Building Design Shenzhen, China
Hongshi Group Headquarters Design Hangzhou, China
Financial Institution in Chengdu Construction Chengdu, China
Expansion of the Ningbo Bank Data Center Construction Ningbo, China
Political and Administrative Center & City Performance and Convention Center Construction Hai Phong, Vietnam
Indonesian Embassy Construction Berlin, Germany
Haus 24, NDR State Broadcasting Building Construction Hamburg, Germany
Greenland Exhibition & Convention Center Construction Ganzhou, China
Ortenau Clinical Center Construction Achern, Germany
Digital Technology Building Ingolstadt University of Technology Construction Ingolstadt, Germany
Oriental Intelligent Media City Construction Shanghai, China
Hôpital des Enfants (CHUV) Construction Lausanne, Switzerland
Ningbo Bank Construction Taizhou, China
Ost Indoor Swimming Pool Construction Leipzig, Germany
Ningbo Bank Huzhou Construction Huzhou, China
Huahai Insurance Headquarters Construction Yantai, China
Civic Center, Magdeburg Construction Magdeburg, Germany
Shenzhen Longgang CNPEC Technical Central Building Construction Shenzhen, China
School Center Gerichtsweg Construction Leipzig, Germany
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Madrid Construction Madrid, Spain
Zongde Center Construction Foshan, China
International Scientific Innovation Center Construction Hangzhou, China
OCT Shekou Fishermanʼs Wharf Construction Shenzhen, China
Zhengzhou Aviation City-Expo Construction Zhengzhou, China
Hôpital du Valais Construction Sion, Switzerland
State Archive Kitzingen Construction Kitzingen, Germany
New construction of Operating Center at University Hospital, Erlangen Construction Erlangen, Germany
Deichmann campus Construction Essen, Germany
Yellow River National Museum Construction Zhengzhou, China
Deli Hangzhou Headquarters Construction Hangzhou, China
Guangzhou TV Station Construction Guangzhou, China
Lingang Construction Shanghai, China
Kunshan Football Stadium Construction Kunshan, China
Stromnetz Hamburg Construction Hamburg, Germany
Nanjing Financial City II Construction Nanjing, China
Olympic Games 2012 Project study Hamburg, Germany
Hafencity Project study Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
Frankfurt 21 Project study Frankfurt, Germany
Stuttgart 21 Project study Stuttgart, Germany
Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 Project study Hamburg, Germany
Hyparschale Magdeburg Finished Magdeburg, Germany
Educational campus Riensförde Finished Stade, Germany
ICCF Garden in Shanghai’s Hengfu Area 2024 Shanghai, China
GS-Park 2023 Shenzhen, China
National Convention and Exhibition Center 2023 Tianjin, China
Alsterschwimmhalle 2023 Hamburg, Germany
Star Spark 1926-Mall 2023 Guangzhou, China
Shenzhen Qianhai Towers 2023 Shenzhen, China
Haiwei Office Park 2023 Hangzhou, China
China Club 2022 Berlin, Germany
Pressehaus am Alexanderplatz 2022 Berlin, Germany
Headquarters of SachsenEnergie 2022 Dresden, Germany
Fengtai Railway Station 2022 Beijing, China
Prinzessinnenstrasse Berlin 2022 Berlin
China Unicom IT Industrial Operation Center 2022 Guangzhou, China
Chinese Traditional Culture Museum 2022 Beijing, China
Drusus-Stadion 2022 Bolzano, Italy
JD.com Headquarters 2022 Chengdu, China
Hengdian Headquarters 2021 Hangzhou, China
Bank in Beijing 2021 Beijing, China
Suzhou Museum West 2021 Suzhou, China
Dong'an Lake Sports Park 2021 Chengdu, China
Gasteig HP8 Isarphilharmonie 2021 Munich, Germany
Ludwigspark Stadium 2021 Saarbrücken, Germany
Stade de Luxembourg 2021 Luxemburg, Luxembourg
Silk Road International Exhibition Center 2021 Xi’an, China
Facades of MesseCity 2021 Cologne, Germany
Yangtze River Delta International R&D Park 2021 Suzhou, China
Cremon 1 2021 Hamburg, Germany
JITRI – Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute 2021 Nanjing, China
European Headquarters for Olympus 2021 Hamburg, Germany
Shandong Port Tower 2021 Qingdao, China
Springer Area 2021 Hamburg, Germany
Lujiazui Riverfront Center 2021 Shanghai-Pudong, China
Asia Financial Center & AIIB Headquarters 2021 Beijing, China
Zhuhai City Museum 2020 Zhuhai, China
Hongdao International Conference & Exhibition Center 2020 Qingdao, China
Changzhou Culture Plaza 2020 Changzhou, China
Office and Commercial Building Alter Wall 2-32 2020 Hamburg, Germany
Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport 2020 Berlin, Germany
Silk Road International Conference Center 2020 Xi’an, China
Room of Silence 2020 Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Germany
Office Building, Grosser Burstah 2020 Hamburg, Germany
Lingang SCD Shuangchuang Belt 2020 Shanghai, China
vip.com Headquarters 2020 Guangzhou, China
New Working Environment at Campus Rainvilleterrasse 2020 Hamburg, Germany
SF Express Headquarters 2020 Shenzhen, China
Westend Modular School Campus 2019 Frankfurt, Germany
Ningbo Bank Data Center 2019 Ningbo, China
Caohejing Guangqi Park 2019 Shanghai, China
China Mobile South Base 2019 Guangzhou, China
Guomao Financial Tower 2019 Hangzhou, China
Baakenhafen Bridge 2019 Hamburg, Germany
Suzhou No. 2 Library 2019 Suzhou, China
Nangang Exhibition Hall Expansion 2019 Taipei
Elbbrücken Train Station 2019 Hamburg, Germany
ICICLE Shop Facade 2018 Shanghai, China
Da Mei Central Plaza 2018 Beijing, China
Refurbishment and Modernization of the DRV High-rise Block at Hohenzollerndamm 2018 Berlin, Germany
Guangxi Culture & Arts Center 2018 Nanning, China
Rehearsal Stage Center of the Deutsches Theater 2018 Berlin, Germany
Jiaming Park Lounge 2018 Beijing, China
Haikou Wuyuan River Sports Park 2018 Haikou, China
Shanghai Training Base 2018 Shanghai, China
Alsdorf Culture and Education Center 2018 Alsdorf, Germany
Deutsches Haus 2018 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Suzhou Olympic Sports Center 2018 Suzhou, China
COMAC Headquarters – Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. 2018 Shanghai, China
Office Building of Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) at Eisenzahnstrasse 2018 Berlin, Germany
Hangzhou South Railway Station 2018 Hangzhou, China
Corporate Headquarters for Orafol 2018 Berlin, Germany
Kunsthalle Mannheim 2017 Mannheim, Germany
Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center and Museum 2017 Tianjin, China
Nanjing Financial City I 2017 Nanjing, China
"blu" Sports and Leisure Pool Complex 2017 Potsdam, Germany
Caohejing Xinzhou Plaza 2017 Shanghai, China
Gyula-Trebitsch School 2017 Hamburg, Germany
Greenland Central Plaza 2017 Zhengzhou, China
Kulturpalast Dresden 2017 Dresden, Germany
Ningbo Bank Headquarters 2017 Ningbo, China
Industrial Exhibition Center Lianyungang 2017 Lianyungang, China
Poly Greenland Plaza 2017 Shanghai, China
Audi Design Center 2017 Ingolstadt, Germany
GDA Plaza 2017 Hangzhou, China
State Fire Brigade School 2016 Würzburg, Germany
Office complex Caohejing „OnCube“ 2016 Shanghai, China
AVIC International Aviation Industry City 2016 Beijing, China
3 Cubes 2016 Shanghai, China
CHAO Hotel 2016 Beijing, China
Huawei Technological Factory Buildings 2016 Beijing, China
New Trade Fair Teheran 2016 Tehran, Iran
New Arena and Park of FC Krasnodar 2016 Krasnodar, Russia
Campus for China Southern Power Grid 2016 Guangzhou, China
Gebrüder Heinemann Headquarters Extension 2016 Hamburg, Germany
Zancheng Center 2016 Hangzhou, China
Dayuan International Center 2015 Chengdu, China
Exhibition Hall 19/20 of Deutsche Messe 2015 Hanover, Germany
Soho Fuxing Plaza 2015 Shanghai, China
Architektursalon von Gerkan 2015 Hamburg, Germany
Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Plot 1 2015 Shenzhen, China
Vietnamese National Assembly Building 2015 Hanoi, Vietnam
Medical Park 2015 Wuzhen, China
Bund Soho 2015 Shanghai, China
Guanghualu Soho II 2015 Beijing, China
Martin-Luther-School 2015 Rimbach, Germany
Theater Workshops of Städtische Bühnen 2014 Frankfurt, Germany
Trianel Headquarters 2014 Aachen, Germany
Slaski Stadium 2014 Chorzów, Poland
China Life Insurance Data Center 2014 Shanghai, China
Tsingtau Center 2014 Qingdao, China
Arena da Amazônia 2014 Manaus, Brazil
CECAD Laboratory Building, University Hospital Cologne 2014 Cologne, Germany
Residential Development at Harderweg 2013 Hamburg, Germany
Saarlandstrasse / Alte Wöhr Residential Building 2013 Hamburg, Germany
Estádio Mineirão 2013 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
State Church Archive of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria 2013 Nuremberg, Germany
The New Hans-Sachs-Haus 2013 Gelsenkirchen, Germany
National Stadium Mané Garrincha 2013 Brasília, Brazil
Tesdorpfstrasse Office Building 2013 Hamburg, Germany
VTRON Industrial Park 2013 Guangzhou, China
Basketball Center 2013 Dongguan, China
Main Building for Hamburg University of Technology, Schwarzenberg Campus 2012 Hamburg, Germany
Frankfurt Airport, Pier A-Plus Extension 2012 Frankfurt, Germany
Tianjin Grand Theater 2012 Tianjin, China
Crystal Hall 2012 Baku, Azerbaijan
State Ballet School 2012 Berlin, Germany
National Stadium in Warsaw 2012 Warsaw, Poland
New Deutsche Bank Towers 2011 Frankfurt, Germany
Jiaming Center 2011 Beijing, China
National Arena Bucharest 2011 Bucharest, Romania
Olympic Stadium, Kiev 2011 Kiev, Ukraine
Bao'an Stadium, Universiade 2011 2011 Shenzhen, China
Universiade 2011 Sports Center 2011 Shenzhen, China
Tianjin West Railway Station 2011 Tianjin, China
Gateway buildings 2011 Shanghai, China
Museum of Culture, Fine Arts, and Science 2011 Changchun, China
Ministry of Public Security 2011 Hanoi, Vietnam
National Museum of China 2011 Beijing, China
Shanghai Oriental Sports Center 2011 Shanghai, China
Gang Cheng Office Building 2011 Shanghai, China
Qingdao Finance Plaza 2011 Qingdao, China
Theater, Cultural and Congress Center 2011 Worms, Germany
S. P. M. Swimming Pool Complex 2010 New Delhi, India
Headquarters of Zhejiang Wuchan Group 2010 Hangzhou, China
Borgo Trento Hospital 2010 Verona, Italy
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium 2010 New Delhi, India
Wanxiang Plaza Office Building 2010 Shanghai-Pudong, China
Taihu Administration Center 2010 Wuxi, China
Qingdao Grand Theater 2010 Qingdao, China
Hanoi Museum 2010 Hanoi, Vietnam
Poly Plaza 2010 Shanghai-Pudong, China
Convention and Exhibition Center, Huai'an 2010 Huai’an, China
Dalian Twin Towers 2010 Dalian, China
Palacongressi Conference Center 2010 Rimini, Italy
Airport Logistics Zone CAS Industrial Biotech R&D Base 2010 Tianjin, China
Office Building at Brooktorkai 2010 Hamburg, Germany
Office and Commercial Building, Hohe Bleichen 11 2009 Hamburg, Germany
Chapel of the Protestant Academy 2009 Hofgeismar, Germany
Chongqing Grand Theater 2009 Chongqing, China
Barcode Halls, Standard Facades for Manufacturing Buildings 2009 Shanghai, China
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 2009 Port Elizabeth, South Africa
China Maritime Museum 2009 Shanghai, China
Canhigh Center 2009 Hangzhou, China
Moses Mabhida Stadium 2009 Durban, South Africa
Cape Town Stadium 2009 Cape Town, South Africa
Management Center of the Freetrade Port 2009 Shanghai, China
Residence on the Elbchaussee 2009 Hamburg, Germany
Upper Eastside Berlin, Office, Residential and Commercial Building 2009 Berlin, Germany
Pujiang High-tech Park 2008 Shanghai, China
China Telecom Information Park, Buildings 16 a&b 2008 Shanghai, China
Residential Buildings, Philosophenweg 2008 Duisburg, Germany
Nanhui District Administration Center 2008 Shanghai, China
Marriott Hotel Ningbo 2008 Ningbo, China
Hamburg Airport 2008 Hamburg, Germany
China Telecom Office and Technical Buildings B12&B13 2008 Shanghai, China
A380 Lufthansa Maintenance Hangar at Frankfurt/Main Airport 2008 Frankfurt, Germany
New Heart Center at the University Hospital of Cologne 2007 Cologne, Germany
Lingang Technology Park - "Blue Halls" 2007 Shanghai, China
Technic Center "Freetrade II" 2007 Shanghai, China
Calista Luxury Resort 2007 Antalya-Belek, Turkey
Guna Villa 2007 Jurmala, Latvia
Century Lotus Sports Park Stadium 2006 Foshan, China
CYTS Plaza 2006 Beijing, China
Jurmala Residence Extension 2006 Riga, Latvia
Dixingju Office Building 2006 Beijing, China
Zhongguancun Cultural Center 2006 Beijing, China
Berlin Central Station 2006 Berlin, Germany
National Conference Center 2006 Hanoi, Vietnam
Wanda Plaza 2006 Beijing, China
Gong Yuan Building, Office Towers and Press Center, Hangzhou, China 2006 Hangzhou-Huanglong, China
Service Center of Lingang New City 2005 Shanghai, China
Laboratory for Machine Tools, RWTH Aachen 2005 Aachen, Germany
Airbus A380, Interior Equipment Assembly Hall 2005 Hamburg, Germany
Bird Observation Tower on Graswarder 2005 Graswarder-Heiligenhafen, Germany
Deutsche Bank Park 2005 Frankfurt, Germany
Guangzhou Development Central Building 2005 Guangzhou, China
Allianz Office Building 2005 Frankfurt, Germany
RheinEnergie Football Stadium 2004 Cologne, Germany
Jenischpark Residence 2004 Hamburg, Germany
Ancona Airport 2004 Ancona, Italy
Multi-Storey Parking Garage 2004 Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
Kiel Central Station, Redesign 2004 Kiel, Germany
Station of the Rimini Trade Fair 2004 Rimini, Italy
Olympic Stadium, Reconstruction and Roofing 2004 Berlin, Germany
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center 2004 Shenzhen, China
Xinzhao Residential Area 2004 Beijing, China
Stuttgart Airport 2004 Stuttgart, Germany
Villa Alexandra 2003 Riga, Latvia
Major Component Assembly Hall, Airbus A380 2003 Hamburg, Germany
Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, China 2003 Nanning, China
Hanse Trade Fair 2002 Rostock, Germany
Headquarters of HHLA, Bei St. Annen 1 2002 Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
Kibbelsteg Bridges 2002 Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
Block X 2002 Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
Humboldthafen Bridge, Berlin Central Station 2002 Berlin, Germany
New Trade Fair, Friedrichshafen 2002 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Porsche Center 2002 Leipzig, Germany
Apartment House Jurmala 2001 Riga, Latvia
Villas, Kanzleistrasse 2001 Hamburg, Germany
Station Square 2001 Koblenz, Germany
Rimini Exhibition Grounds 2001 Rimini, Italy
Tennis Hall, Jurmala Residence 2001 Jurmala, Latvia
Jakob-Kaiser-Haus - Houses 4 and 8 2001 Berlin, Germany
Tempodrom and Liquidrom 2001 Berlin, Germany
Düsseldorf Trade Fair, Hall 6 2000 Dusseldorf, Germany
Exhibition Pavilion for the Braunschweig University 2000 Brunswick, Germany
Alvano Residence 2000 Hamburg, Germany
Office Building, Altmarkt 2000 Dresden, Germany
German School and Apartment House 2000 Beijing, China
Christ Pavilion, Expo 2000 2000 Volkenroda, Germany
Pedestrian Bridges, EXPO 2000 2000 Hanover, Germany
Mining Archives Clausthal-Zellerfeld 2000 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
Boiler House 2000 Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
EXPO Hall 8/9 1999 Hanover, Germany
congress centrum weimharhalle 1999 Weimar, Germany
Interior Design Metropolitan Express Train 1999 Germany
Entertainment-Center 1999 Hamburg, Germany
Hanseatic Trade Center, Kehrwiederspitze 1999 Hamburg-Speicherstadt, Germany
Elbkaihaus 1999 Hamburg, Germany
Office and Commercial Building, Friedrichstrasse 108 1999 Berlin, Germany
Philips Convention Stand 1999 Germany
Berlin-Spandau Railway Station 1998 Berlin-Spandau, Germany
Lecture Theater Center, Chemnitz Technical University 1998 Chemnitz, Germany
Jurmala Residence 1998 Jurmala, Latvia
Lecture Theater Center, Oldenburg University 1998 Oldenburg, Germany
Nordseepassage 1997 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Restaurant Vau 1997 Berlin, Germany
Gerling Insurance Company 1997 Stuttgart, Germany
Bridge across the River Hörn 1997 Kiel, Germany
Dresdner Bank, Pariser Platz 1997 Berlin, Germany
New Trade Fair, Leipzig 1996 Leipzig, Germany
German-Japanese Center 1995 Hamburg, Germany
Hall 4 1995 Hanover, Germany
Music and Congress Hall 1994 Lübeck, Germany
Augustinum Senior Residence 1993 Hamburg, Germany
Zürich House 1993 Hamburg, Germany
Fleetinsel, Steigenberger Hotel 1993 Hamburg, Germany
Jumbo Maintenance Hangar, Deutsche Lufthansa, Hamburg Airport 1992 Hamburg, Germany
von Gerkan Residence, Elbchaussee 139 1992 Hamburg, Germany
Carl Bertelsmann Foundation 1991 Gütersloh, Germany
Sheraton Hotel and Shopping Mall 1991 Ankara, Turkey
Elbchaussee 139, gmp Headquarters 1990 Hamburg, Germany
Residential Development at "Fischmarkt" 1989 Hamburg, Germany
Museum of Hamburg History, Glass Roof 1989 Hamburg, Germany
Apartment and Office Building, Grindelallee 100 1987 Hamburg, Germany
Reconstruction of "Landhaus Michaelsen" as Doll's Museum 1986 Hamburg, Germany
Hillmann Garage 1984 Bremen, Germany
Renaissance-Hotel Ramada 1981 Hamburg, Germany
Hanseviertel 1980 Hamburg, Germany
European Patent Office 1980 Munich, Germany
Reconstruction of "Fabrik" 1979 Hamburg, Germany
Sports Center, University of Kiel 1976 Kiel, Germany
Berlin-Tegel Airport 1975 Berlin, Germany
Deutsche Shell AG Head Offices 1974 Hamburg, Germany