Stephanie Brendel at the Open Day of the Stadthalle Magdeburg

Goodbye, Stadthalle Magdeburg! Before the reconstruction and renovation works begin, the expressive brick building from 1927 will open its doors for the last time on September 6, 2020 from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. In her lecture and the following discussion, Stephanie Brendel (gmp) will present the design for the sustainable, monument appropriate restoration and functional redesign of the event venue.

When: 06 September 2020, lecture:11.00 am, discussion: 12.00 am
Where: Open Day, Stadthalle Magdeburg, Heinrich-Heine-Platz 1, 39114 Magdeburg

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Kordula Nölle at the Conference on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) with Multi-Party Contracts

Kordula Nölle, director at gmp, speaks at the "Konferenz Integrierte Projektabwicklung (IPA) mit Mehrparteienverträgen" (Conference on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) with Multi-Party Contracts) about our Lean IPD project, Kongresshotel HafenCity Hamburg. This is Germany's first Lean IPD project: a method that bundles all employees, companies and workflows involved in the project in one combined process through a multi-party contract. Since all parties are jointly responsible for the result of the project, everyone is equally interested in its success.

When: 24 June 2020, 11:45 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.
Where: To protect against Covid-19, the conference will take place as a web-based event with live streaming.

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Christian Hellmund at Architects Know How Sessions

In his lecture on serial construction Christian Hellmund will particularly focus on the construction of the Interim Philharmonic Hall in Munich, modular buildings and the results of the acc workshop on the topic 'From Module to Urban Quarter. Case Study Houses for Berlin in the 21st-Century’.

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Under the title "Planning and Building in China" Nikolaus Goetze talks about his many years of experience in everyday construction there

On Wednesday, February 26th, gmp partner Nikolaus Goetze will give a lecture at the Hamburg Urban Development Seminar. Under the title "Planning and Building in China" Goetze talks about his many years of experience in everyday construction there and explains why planning and implementation times in China remain manageable.

When: Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
Where: HafenCity InfoCenter in the boiler house, Am Sandtorkai 30, 20457 Hamburg

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Stephan Schütz in Dresden as an expert on the podium "Quality standards for high-rise buildings"
On February 25th, gmp partner Stephan Schütz will be represented as an expert on the podium of the dialogue event "Quality standards for high-rise buildings" in Dresden. The evening is part of the series of events on the design of a high-rise mission statement for the state capital Dresden.

When: Tuesday, February 25th, 2020, 6:00 p.m.
Where: New town hall, plenary hall, town hall square 1, entrance Goldene Pforte, 01067 Dresden
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Soheil Nasseri am Klavier
The pianist Soheil Nasseri will give a concert in our Berlin office for the upcoming music event on Tuesday evening, January 28, 2020. With the piano concert, we would like to get you in the right mood for the start of a new decade.

Please register by phone or email by January 21st.

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Nikolaus Goetze at the second congress of the Ho Chi Minh City Architect Association

On Tuesday, December 10, Nikolaus Goetze will speak at the second congress of the Ho Chi Minh City Architect Association. In his lecture "Designing in Dialogue" he will discuss the importance of dialogic design using the example of numerous projects from the gmp portfolio. The lecture will be followed by a discussion between invited guests and the audience.


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gmp partner Nikolaus Goetze and Evelyn Pasdzierny at the Haus der Jugend

This upcoming Wednesday there will be a public discussion about the test planning procedure "Stadteingang Elbbrücken". Jury chairman Prof. Kees Christiaanse will present the designs of the three participating teams, including gmp with WES LandschaftsArchitektur. Nikolaus Goetze and Evelyn Pasdzierny from gmp will be present to answer questions. At the moment the designs can be voted for online at We are happy about having 61 percent of the votes currently.

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gmp-draft for the Billhorner Brückenstraße as a city entrance

On Saturday the workshop "Stadteingang Elbbrücken" ["City Entrance Elbe Bridges"] starts. Three renowned architecture and landscape planning teams have already developed drafts to unify the fragmented surroundings of Billhorner Brückenstraße as a clearly formulated entrance to the city of Hamburg, and to mediate between the different district milieus. With WES Landschaftsplanung, gmp has formed one of these teams and presents its solution to the public. Hamburg's Senator for Urban Development and Housing, Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, and Chief Building Director Franz-Josef Höing will also be present.


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Nikolaus Goetze at Tongji University

On Thursday, November 14, gmp partner Nikolaus Goetze and Sven Plieninger of schlaich bergermann partner will speak at the Tongji University in Shanghai. In the joint lecture "Freundschaft, wenn nichts unmöglich ist!" they will both present the specific aspects of their co-realized projects.

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Stephan Schütz at symposium in Munich

On Tuesday, November 12, Stephan Schütz will speak at the symposium, “Robust Construction – Illusion or Necessity?” in Munich. Together with Elisabeth Endres, he will discuss the question of how robust an interim building can really be.

The dicussion will be moderated by Boris Schade-Bünsow.

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Volkwin Marg speaks at the TU Berlin

The lecture series “Bridge Building Culture in Germany” will take place within the framework of the Colloquium on Constructive Engineering. A total of seven experts will give lectures. On Tuesday, November 12, Volkwin Marg will talk about "Bridge Construction Projects and Genius Loci".

Afterwards wine and pretzels will be served.

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Stephan Schütz at Bau China 2019 in Shanghai

50 percent of general global waste is produced by the construction industry - in particular, demolition.  The promise of the new often prevails over the preservation of the built environment.

It is time to take a new direction.  To re-evaluate a complex architectural strategy with the renovation of existing buildings and their requirements to combine sustainable aspirations with an awareness of historical significance.

Based on two completed projects  - one in China and the other one in Germany - this presentation will help to demonstrate the benefits of renovation projects under varying conditions and within different cultural backgrounds.

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Filmscreening and Q&A with Heinz Emigholz and Nikolaus Goetze

On Monday, November 4, 2019 at 7 pm, gmp and FSB host a film screening of “Years of Construction – Baujahre [2013 – 2018]”, documenting the building process of the Kunsthalle Mannheim. The internationally renowned German film pioneer and illustrator Heinz Emigholz created an accompaniment to the opening of the Kunsthalle Mannheim’s new building by gmp with his unusually long-term portrait filmed over a period of five years. Following the screening, Mr. Emigholz will be present for a discussion with Nikolaus Goetze and is happy to answer questions from the audience. Afterwards, there will be a get-together with snacks and drinks.

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Hans-Joachim Paap beim ersten Deutschen Architekturtag in Ägypten

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Volkwin Marg guest at the Akademie der Künste

The lecture series "On the Duty and the Power of Architecture" is organized by the Section Architecture of the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) in Berlin. Here, selected international architecture offices present their current work. On Tuesday, October 22, Volkwin Marg will be a guest.


His lecture and the subsequent discussion with the architectural historian Werner Durth focus on the changes in building culture and the responsibility of architecture.

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Stephan Schütz at panel discussion in Berlin

As of this year, Tegel Airport is a listed building. On this occasion, the Landesdenkmalamt Berlin and the Architektenkammer Berlin are hosting the event "Jung, aber Denkmal" at the Urania Berlin on Monday, October 21. Stephan Schütz, partner at gmp, will take part in a panel discussion on the monument's future.

Introduction: Berlin TXL - A synthesis of the arts, Dr. Christoph Rauhut, Head of Conservation und Director of the Landesdenkmalamt Berlin

Panel Discussion: "Denkmal mit Zukunft" (Monument with a future)

  • Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, Managing Director of the Tegel Projekt GmbH

  • Christine Edmaier, Architect, Chairwoman of the Architektenkammer Berlin and member of the Landesdenkmalrat Berlin

  • Dr. Christoph Rauhut, Head of Conservation und Director of the Landesdenkmalamt Berlin

  • Stephan Schütz, Partner at gmp

Moderation: Sigrid Hoff, Journalist

Free admission.

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Nikolaus Goetze at the International Forum Architects Dialogue Structurists

On Thursday, October 17, gmp partner Nikolaus Goetze and SBP partner Sven Plieninger will speak at the International Forum Architects Dialogue Structurists, hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering in Beijing. In the joint lecture "ARCHI_STRUCTURE - The Symbiosis of Architecture & Structure" they will both present the specific aspects of their co-realised projects.

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A Discussion with Volkwin Marg in Krefeld

"Finding adequate and acceptable answers and solutions to the problems of environmental design presupposes being prepared for dialogue and adjusting one's own point of view to changing conditions. Society, with its complicated political and economic mechanisms, decides what is built and how. We architects do not only have the obligation, we have the responsibility, to face this dialogue and to participate in the discussion with inner conviction".

Statement Volkwin Marg

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Stephan Schütz at the International Library Summit in Venice

Libraries in the 21st century – how it affects society and the architecture change.

Stephan Schütz speaks at the International Library Summit in Venice on October 4th. In his lecture "Dresden - Space Innovation Program", Stephan Schütz speaks about the Zentralbibliothek in the Kulturpalast Dresden. His talk is followed by a panel discussion with Stephan Schütz, Catherine Lau (National Library Board Singapore), Christina Krenmayr (Library Innsbruck) and Dr. Bernd Schmid-Ruhe (City Library Mannheim), moderated by Marco Muscogiuri.

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Nikolaus Goetze at vernissage in Berlin

During the Berlin Art Week 2019, the FAB Architectural Bureau presents works by architectural photographer HGEsch in the exhibition " Stadt, Land, Fluss ". Among his works are photographic documentations of numerous gmp projects. Nikolaus Goetze, Partner at gmp, will talk about the long-standing cooperation with the photographer at the opening night.

The exhibition also pays tribute to the genre of architectural film: The films of the extension of the Kunsthalle Mannheim and the Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou by gmp will celebrate their premiere at FAB Architectural Bureau.

Registration is kindly requested.

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Lecture by Christian Hellmund

"Magdeburg - City of Modernism" (in german) is the subject of a lecture evening in Magdeburg on Friday, September 6, which is organised by the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Architects together with the Architekten- und Ingenieur-Verein zu Magdeburg von 1876 e.V. and the state capital Magdeburg.
The year 2019 is marked by the Bauhaus centennial. Under the motto #moderndenken, a lecture evening recalls the time of upheaval, when "the Bauhaus set a precedent" in Magdeburg.  The focus will be on two buildings of modernism and post-war modernism respectively: the Stadthalle and the Hyparschale. Built in 1927 for the German Theatre Exhibition, the Stadthalle has always been a scene of contemporary history.  Destroyed during the Second World War and thereafter rebuilt, it’s an import site in the minds of the citizens of Magdeburg. Now the building is to be renovated and expanded. Christian Hellmund will talk about this in his lecture. Additionally, he will give further information about the planned construction work on the Hyparschale by Ulrich Müther, which is located in the immediate vicinity. Another speaker will be the art historian Sabine Ullrich.

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Stephan Schütz at the JUNG Architecture Talks in Singapur

"Past. Present. Future. The importance of diversity in design.“ is the theme of the JUNG Architecture Talks on Wednesday, 28 August 2019, in Singapore.

In his lecture "Tradition and Progress", Stephan Schütz, partner at gmp, will discuss the sensitive handling of existing building structures based on the example of the Dresden Kulturpalast. The renovation of this outstanding GDR-modern building and its new utilisation concept by gmp was honoured with the DAM Prize 2019 for Architecture.

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A panel discussion with Volkwin Marg in Worpswede

On August 21, the Club Union of Worpswede e.V. is hosting a panel discussion with Volkwin Marg and four other speakers. They will talk about "Concepts of contemporary building and urban planning" - a hot topic because of  distinct challenges for the present and future. In addition to urban planning and architecture, the speakers will examine social and political aspects of construction and urban planning. They will also address overarching issues as well as those areas of life that directly affect people in their daily routines:

Where are our urban and rural living spaces heading? Do we have the right concepts for the near and long-term future and do these adequately reflect our needs for an integrative life with work and leisure, nature and transport, supply and education? What opportunities are there for cross-generational living under one roof? Which ones for the care of young families and the elderly? What role does architecture play in this? How must the requirements of politics and legislators react to the changing conditions of our environment?

In addition to Volkwin Marg, the following speakers can also be seen on the podium:  Prof. Klaus Schäfer, Söavis Poczebutas, Kim Wortelkamp and Rüdiger Ulbricht. Dr. Ursula Siefken-Schülte, deputy chairwoman of the Club Union of Worpswede e.V. will moderate the meeting.


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Lecture by Urs Wedekind about the German House in Ho Chi Min City

Quality and future viability are the terms that translate sustainability best into construction. Since its foundation in 2007, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.) has become one of the most important initiators and drivers of this topic in Europe. An essential part of this is the certification of sustainable buildings, interiors and districts.

At an event organised by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.) and the Hamburg Chamber of Architects, Urs Wedekind will use the German House in Vietnam as en example to show how certification can help to plan and construct a sustainable building. Another speaker will be Dr. Christine Lemaitre, Managing Director of the DGBN, who will present the most important background information on the association and the DGNB certification process.

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Results of the Academy for Architectural Culture Spring Workshop 2019

Visions for the future.
Japanisches Palais - Results of the aac Spring Workshop 2019

The exhibition presents architectural designs created during the aac Spring Workshop 2019 in Hamburg. The workshop was addressed to students from all over the world and was devoted to the development of diverse future designs for the Japanese Palais in Dresden. The potential of this historic building for architectural visions is demonstrated by the works on display in the Japanese Palais of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden from 15 August to 3 November 2019.


Marion Ackermann
Managing Director of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Stephan Schütz
Partner at gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Henrik Karge und Stefan Hertzig
TU Dresden, Keynote lecture on the history of the Japanisches Palais

Afterwards, there will be music and drinks in the courtyard of the Japanisches Palais.

An exhibition as part of the temporary exhibition "The Invention of the future"
at the Japanese Palais, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

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Exhibition of the results of the aac workshop in Dresden

The spring workshop of the aac Academy for Architectural Culture was focused on the Japanische Palais—the last element in Dresden’s museum landscape that still requires refurbishment. Under the guidance of Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz, the scholarship students developed designs that open the building towards Neustadt and the River Elbe, and convert the Japanische Palais into a contemporary “working collection” in which the general public is involved in the process of artistic creation. From August 15, 2019, the results will be shown in the exhibition entitled Visions for the Future at the Japanische Palais in Dresden.

In 1560, Elector August I founded the Kunstkammer Dresden, which was to become the founding part of Dresden’s State Art Collection (SKD), housed in Germany’s oldest museum network. From the very beginning, the Kunstkammer had been conceived of as a place for exhibitions and as a workshop, which combined everything from craft items to fine art objects, and a collection of scientific objects, under one roof. August provided tools, books, and materials to craftsmen and artists with the idea of gradually growing the collection. This approach to a “working collection” was again the key idea at the aac workshop. Before the workshop, the design brief had been established in cooperation with Dresden’s state museums and adapted to the local conditions. The scholarship students were given the task of developing concepts for the last of Dresden’s museums that still requires refurbishment and, in this context, of opening the building more towards the city.

The seminar started with a three-day excursion to Dresden, during which Prof. Dr. Marion Ackermann, General Director of the SKD, introduced the concept for the Japanische Palais. The participants were able to visit the building and to gain an impression of its current condition, and to discuss initial questions and design approaches with Noura Dirani, Officer for Trans-Cultural Methods at the SKD, and Michael John, Technical Manager at the Department for Construction, Technology, and Security. With its central position at the northern bank of the River Elbe, within close proximity to the Zwinger and the Semperoper, the building is an important element of Dresden’s museum landscape. Back in Hamburg, work on the design started in earnest in the aac studios. Each of the four teams of four students was mentored by an experienced tutor. The comprehensive teaching program was rounded off with informative talks and rounds of critical appraisal with guest professors Antonio Cruz of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos in Seville, Prof. Dr.-Ing- h.c. HG Merz of hg merz architects and museum designers, and Prof. José Gutierres Marques of Bruno Fioretti Marquez architects.

The participants were asked to reflect a multi-layered requirement profile in their designs: in addition to the customary modern museum infrastructure with a foyer, café, and service rooms, functional rooms for four areas were defined in accordance with the ICOM standard (International Council of Museums). These functions are collecting, preserving, researching, and exhibiting/conveying. In the final presentation the groups showed four completely different results: Group 1 opened up the first-floor level, thus creating a throughroute for citizens. Group 2 arranged the starting point of the visiting tour above ground level, where there is a view over Dresden. Group 3 placed a sculptural glass structure in the inner courtyard serving as a roofedover access point. Group 4 doubled up the space in the interior courtyard by introducing a second level. This created a roofed internal space with another outside space above.

The results were first exhibited in the studios of the aac, and—from August 15 until November 3, 2019—can be viewed at the Japanische Palais in Dresden under the title Visionen für die Zukunft (Visions for the Future) as part of the current special exhibition Die Erfindung der Zukunft (The Invention of the Future).

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DoubleBeats Percussion-Duo

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Bernd Gossmann on modular construction

Modular + Serious
14th JUNG Architecture Talks in Freiburg

In a panel discussion, Bernd Gossmann, associated partner at gmp, talks about his experiences with the planning of a temporary school building in modular timber construction in Frankfurt/Main, which will go into operation after a planning and realisation period of only 24 months following the summer holidays of 2019.

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Volkwin Marg at the Bucerius Kunst Forum

On Tuesday evening, Volkwin Marg will speak at the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg. In his lecture "Choreography of the Masses. Architecture as Art for Society" he discussed the opportunities and challenges of his work.

The event will be held in German.

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A Dialogue

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Jubilee exhibition "20 years gmp in China"

Architecture and fashion have a lot in common. Their most fundamental and important function as a protective covering has caused them to be described as people's second and third skin. This protective function is immediately followed by aesthetics, which finds expression in materials, color, and form. For both clothing and architecture, today's world offers an almost inexhaustible repertoire of design possibilities that brings forth a wide variety of trends. But it is precisely in this diversity that works related to one another are created. That is what happened in the case of gmp and ICICLE, who initially met in the roles of architect and client. The previously little-known industrial architecture of gmp in China inspired the fashion designers to create an entire collection. In the creative process, both parties discovered ever more common ground: With the goal of creating timeless and purist designs, both strive for strong silhouettes that emphasize structure and form. Both ICICLE and gmp employ high quality materials and design and production processes that target a long service life and thus promote sustainability. The medium of photography is used in the exhibition to

juxtapose the two arts, thereby revealing conceptual affinities.

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Kulturpalast Dresden

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Stephan Schütz speaks at the vernissage at the Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen

An exhibition by the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in collaboration with the Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen (ZfBK) curated by Christina Gräwe and Yorck Förster.

- Stephan Schütz, gmp
- Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain, Associate Councillor for Urban Development, Construction, Transport and Real Estate
- Peter Cachola Schmal, Director of DAM
- Axel Walter, Managing Director Municipal Real Estate Dresden

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Li-Chun Su am Klavier: J.S. Bach Goldbergvariationen

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Stephan Schütz at the Mercator Institute for China Studies

Stephan Schütz will speak at the MERICS China Lounge in Berlin about the 20 years of experience of our office in the architectural sector in China. He will also discuss with Claudia Wessling, Head of Publications at MERICS, to what extent a changing political environment has an impact on the concrete work of the architect.

Registration is kindly requested.

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Lecture by Prof. José Gutierrez Marquez, Bruno Fioretti Marquez

In the framework of the aac lecture series for the spring workshop „Japanisches Palais. Die Kunstkammer als arbeitende Sammlung“ under the direction of Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz, Prof. José Gutierrez Marquez, co-founder of the architecture studio Bruno Fioretti Marquez (Berlin), will give a lecture devoted to the topic "Palimpsest".

More information about the workshop is available here:

The event is free of charge.
Pre-registration is kindly requested.

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Lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing. h.c. HG Merz

The spring workshop of the Academy for Architectural Culture is dedicated to the development of designs for a redesign and reorientation of the "Japanisches Palais" in Dresden. The Japanisches Palais is the last large museum in Dresden that has not yet been renovated. Previously a rather introverted palace building, its opening to a future-relevant exhibition building is imminent. With its central location on the northern bank of the Elbe, in direct view of the Zwinger and the Semperoper, it is a significant building block in the important museum landscape of Dresden.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. h.c. HG Merz, founder and Managing Director of hg merz architects, opens the lecture series of this year's aac spring workshop "Japanisches Palais. The Art Cabinet as a Working Collection" on 21 March at 7 pm.

The lecture will be followed by a talk by Antonio Cruz, founder of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos (Seville), at 8 pm.

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Lecture by Antonio Cruz, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

The spring workshop of the Academy for Architectural Culture is dedicated to the development of designs for a redesign and reorientation of the "Japanisches Palais" in Dresden. The Japanisches Palais is the last large museum in Dresden that has not yet been renovated. Previously a rather introverted palace building, its opening to a future-relevant exhibition building is imminent. With its central location on the northern bank of the Elbe, in direct view of the Zwinger and the Semperoper, it is a significant building block in the important museum landscape of Dresden.

In his lecture on 21 March 2019, architect Antonio Cruz, founder of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos (Seville), will be speaking about a number of projects, including the New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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gmp wins competition for new company building in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is growing: a new business district called “Super Bay City” is being created. In the competition for the Hengli Investment Group the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) submitted the winning design with a building complex consisting of three distinct blocks that are linked at the base. With a height of 250 meters, the Hengli International Building’s office tower with its adjacent conference center and “culture tower” forms an impressive landmark. “Sky gardens” at various levels provide a rhythm to the verticality of the soaring towers and are designed to be used as public amenity areas.
The new Super Bay City business center is currently being developed at Shenzhen bay to the west of the city center of this metropolis in southern China. The urban masterplan envisages a high-density urban development with high-rise buildings of up to 600 meters, whose skyline will be visible from afar.
The Hengli International Building complex for the Hengli Investment Group, one of the 500 companies with the highest turnover in the world, includes three distinct volumes: the 250-meter-high office tower will be flanked by a 36-meter-high conference center and a “culture tower” with a height of 80 meters. The building elevations facing east and west are largely without windows. Vertical glazed strips in the solid facades emphasize the verticality of the buildings as well as the gate-like appearance of the open, glazed north and south elevations.
The buildings are linked up to the sixth story, which means that the ensemble also functions well as a horizontal unit. The four basement floors form a shared base, which houses a shopping center on the first and second basement floors. The large open space to the north has been designed as an urban plaza with several garden features and functions as a welcome zone for the Hengli International Building. Squares, pathways and bridges at different levels create an attractive urban space with high amenity value.
The high-rise building is an office tower with 45 stories that are accessed via a central core. Three-story-high “sky gardens” are inserted at every eighth level, providing landscaped areas in the vertical that are also accessible to external visitors. These open garden features contain facilities for the public, such as a café/bar, a book shop, a fitness studio, and—at the top of the tower—an observation deck. The same principle is continued in the culture tower, providing a public park and an exhibition garden for sculptures. The eight-story tower is accessed via two core structures, one at the east and one at the west facade. The interior spaces extend over two levels and include galleries, thus creating generous exhibition areas with a room height of nine meters.  The compact, six-story conference center is located between the office high-rise and the culture tower. The inside of the building contains an auditorium surrounded by prestigious lobbies, and a roof garden adorns the top of the building.
The Hengli International Building will not be a hermetically sealed complex that is only accessible to its users: the “sky gardens” are designed as landscaped amenity areas in the vertical that are open for use by the general public.

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da! Architektur in und aus Berlin – Ausstellung 2019

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Stephan Schütz im Deutschen Architekturmuseum

Das Deutsche Architekturmuseum vergab in diesem Jahr zum dritten Mal in enger Zusammenarbeit mit JUNG als Kooperationspartner den Preis für herausragende Bauten in Deutschland. Im Rahmen der am Freitag, den 08. März, stattfindenden Veranstaltung „JUNG lectures. DAM Preis 2019" stellen die vier Finalisten ihre ausgezeichneten Projekte aus den Bereichen Wohnen, Kultur und Bildung vor.

Stephan Schütz, Partner bei gmp, wird an diesem Abend über das Preisträgerprojekt, den Kulturpalast Dresden, sprechen.

Christoph Heinemann, Arge ifau, und Tim Heide, Heide & von Beckerath, Berlin
Volker Kurrle, Harris + Kurrle Architekten, Stuttgart
Stephan Schütz, gmp Architekten, Berlin
Felix Waechter, Waechter + Waechter Architekten, Darmstadt

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gmp wishes a pleasant start to everyone!

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The New Silk Road. Volkwin Marg as a guest at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

The event is hosted by the Federal Association of German Silk Roads Initiative e.V. and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Various lectures will be devoted to Kazakhstan as a central economic region.

Complete Overview of topics:

  • The Asian century, why the world will change
  • Kazakhstan - Central Economic Area and Bridge between the EU and Russia to Asia
  • Buildings & Projects in China and Kazakhstan
  • Promotion of SMEs in the Asian region, information on KfW's strategic task
  • Kyzyl Ord: Construction of a glass factory in Kazakhstan and the associated intercultural challenges

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aac-Workshop Frühjahr 2019

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Thärichen‘s Hendrixperience Orchestra

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Jaspar Libuda Trio - cinematic bass music

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da! Architektur in und aus Berlin – Ausstellung 2018

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Herbst-Workshop "European Art School – Rethinking the Mediterranean Academy Project"

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TrioDan – Heimspiel. Kammermusik aus Rumänien

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